Upcoming LEGO Stopmotion Studio!

O.K., I know this doesn’t have to do with video games, but i’m anouncing my upcoming LEGO stopmotion studio. I won’t give out much info, but here’s some.

It will revolve around many LEGO product series.It’s first video will be posted around early October or mid October. It’s first video will be action packed & awesome. Viewers will be able to vote on what the next video will be.

There’s not much there, but stay tuned to gamerforest.wordpress.com for more details, the site adress, and more.

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Zelda Ocarinas From STL


If you you are a Zelda fan or have played Ocarina Of Time before, you might have thought of getting your own ocarina so you could learn to play some Zelda songs in real life. :mrgreen: Fortunately, if you have, you can buy some from a store that specializes in ocarinas, ST. Louis Ocarinas. 😀

There are many ocarinas they have made, including alot of Zelda ones. From Shields to Rupees to bombs, there is a big selection. Here are some images. 😉

12 Hole Tenor Ocarina with Zelda Songbook and Protective Bag


New 12 Hole Plastic Zelda Tenor Ocarina in C Major


6 Hole Legend of Zelda Shield Ocarina


New Legend of Zelda Rupee Soprano Ocarina


Here are some links to videos of the ocarinas in action.

watch Kokari Forest

watch Lon Lon Ranch

watch Zelda’s Lullaby

watch Gerudo Valley

If you want to see them all, hit this link. choose your ocarina for zelda fans

They also carry non Zelda ocarinas. here is the link for the home page. stlocarina.com

Ifyou want to learn about ocarinas, click here. Ocarina

For more on The Ocarina Of Time, click here. Ocarina_of_Time

Do note that you need a twelve hole ocarina to play Ocarina Of  Time songs. Also, I don’t know if the mini ocarinas will fit all hand sizes.

Update: I E-mailed STL Ocarina & they said that even left handed people can use the ocarinas with no problems. Yay! 

So, do you own a ocarina? Have you played Ocarina Of Time? Do you want a ocarina? If you do (or don’t), share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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New LEGO Video Games Quiz

Here is a LEGO Video Game quiz.

Or scan this QR Code for a mobile quiz.


Have fun!

Cool Online Games: Monster Fighters Online Game

Hi! If your looking for a online game with some creepy monsters, look no further than the LEGO Monster Fighters Online Game! The Lego Monster Fighters Online Game  is a game were you play as five different Monster Fighters trying to keep Lord Vampyre from eclipsing the sun and making it night forever! 😯

In the game you control the characters with W, A, S, or D, or the arrow keys. you fight monsters by clicking them with the mouse, and you can also push menu or the escape key on your keyboard to pause the game. 😀

:arrow:What is it about?

LMFOG is about a team of Monster Fighters trying to stop Lord Vampyre from eclipsing the sun. The only way he can do that is if he collects all the magical moonstones. He can’t do it alone though, so he commands all monsters to help him collect the moonstones. It’s      up to the Monster Fighters Dr. Rodney Rathbone, Frank Rock, Jack McHammer, Ann Lee, & Major Quinton Steele to stop them. 🙂

:arrow:What do you do?

You can fight monsters, make stuff, use items (Torches, Bombs, ect.), collect bricks, get the moonstones, & more. :mrgreen:

Is it fun?

Despite it being hard to move your character, LMFOG can be a fun game. Some parts of the game requre you to have codes from the sets, so start saving p your money. You need a lego.com account to save, but getting one is quick, free, & easy. 😉

If you want to play, here is the link. monster fighters game

Also if you want,

hit this link for the sets, monster fighters products

this link for the Monster Fighters bios, monster fighters

and this one for the monster bios. monsters

Here’s a poll! ❗

Have you played this before? Was it fun? Do you have any Monster Fighters sets? Then leave a reply in the comments below!