Zelda Songs Played On Ocarinas

You may remember the articles I wrote a few days ago about songs on ocarinas, cool songs played on stl ocarinas, & zelda ocarinas from stl. Well today i’m going to show you a post fully about Zelda songs on the ocarina. Even if you aren’t a Zelda fan you might be amazed by these songs! 😯


Zelda Ocarina Of Time Title Theme

Skyward Sword Theme

Gerudo Valley

Lon Lon Ranch (Epona’s Song)

Kakariko Village & Market Song

Did you like them? Are you a Zelda fan? Do you want a ocarina? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

BTW I bought a ocarina from STL Ocarina just a couple of hours ago, so expect some more posts about ocarinas soon!


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