LEGO video games – try them, they are fun!

Today i’m going to show you my post I once made for Enjoy!

Have you ever wanted to create huge battle-scenes with LEGO, but you just didn’t have enough minifigs? How about making a daring escape – like Indiana Jones – but felt like your LEGO Indy sets didn’t do it well enough? And what about wanting to rock out – LEGO style – but you didn’t feel like your LEGO creations achieved it? Then, try out a LEGO game! :D

Many licensed LEGO themes have their own LEGO video game,and there are other non-licensed themed games as well, so you will likely find one you like. Below I will list some of them to give you a taste:

:arrow: LEGO Indiana Jones video game: Created in 2008, LEGO Indiana Jones is a video game where you can play the three original Indiana Jones movies, LEGO style. Fight as Indy, Short Round, Sallah, and at least 55 more characters. In my opinion, this game is great. Of course, that was when I was a Indiana Jones freak. But it’s still cool. And now there is also a second version. You can learn more here: LEGO Indiana Jones Video Game

:arrow: LEGO Star Wars video game: Made in 2007, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is a game where you play in all six of the Star Wars movies, (excluding Star Wars – The Clone Wars, which is a separate game). The characters are still using the old megaphone & red stud guns, but it’s still fun. You can learn more here: LEGO Star Wars Video Game

:arrow: LEGO Rock Band video game: Made in 2009, LEGO Rock Band is a game where you rock it out, LEGO style. Play some famous songs, create your custom avatar, and rock out the universe with LEGO! You can learn more about this LEGO game here: LEGO Rock Band Video Game

:arrow: LEGO Lord of the Rings video game: Not yet released, LEGO Lord of the Rings is a game where you join the Fellowship of the Ring and save Middle Earth. They are going to use the actor’s lines from the movies for the scenes, so the characters will actually talk! You can learn more about this highly anticipated game here: LEGO Lord of the Rings Video Game

There are many other LEGO games, including Harry PotterBatman,NinjagoPirates of the Caribbean, and more. Luckily, they go on sale quickly, because they aren’t as long as other video games, but still, they are fun. You can buy them at the official LEGO Online Shop, and also on

I suggest buying a LEGO video game for a non-portable system, because there’s more to them. Of course, I’ve never played a system other than a Nintendo or computer for LEGO games, so I’m not so sure.

How about you? Do you play LEGO video games? Which one is your favorite and why? And which one would you recommend to someone who never played before? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! ;)


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